Flash Report - Insight360

Flash Report

Reporting Dashboard showing key metrics to right people
Our Flash reports allow users to view up-to-date KPI’s online
or via email

  • Concise view of key metrics updated daily
  • Ensure team has the latest information to make key decisions
  • Clean, easy-to-read, customizable report for your team
Snapshot Report - Automates the Collection Data

Snapshot Report

Harness the power of accurate insights with Insight360. Our solution automates the collection of sales, cost, and labor data from your POS, accounting system, and payroll on a daily and weekly basis. But it doesn’t stop there. Trust in the reliability of our data to make informed decisions and drive your business growth with confidence.

  • Drill into details of sales, cost, and labor to understand performance and trends
  • Easily Visualize data using bar charts, bubble charts, pie charts, and more
  • Data can be broken down into Periods, Month, Week, Day, or day part
Cross-location Report - Insight360

Cross-location Report

Cross-location Reports Provide Powerful Analytic Tools
Customizable reports allowing users to drill in to fully
understand data

  • Create custom reports you want, choosing from over 10,000 data points
  • Permission-based model to share the right data with the right people
  • Powerful, 'Excel-like' solution to put control in your hands.


InsightPay automates your payroll workflows for increased accuracy and efficiency. With user-friendly features and advanced technology, InsightPay streamlines daily labor reporting with ease.

  • Sync your time clock directly to payroll, no more exports and imports
  • Easily diagnose labor violations for break penalties and exceptions
Weekly One on One - Reporting

Weekly 1-on-1s

Offering the store managers with the most useful information possible by guiding them through weekly 1 on 1s

  • Online tool to promote clear communication with managers to ensure the right priorities are addressed
  • Track performance, action items, and more

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