The synthesis of three distinct offerings, combining for one powerful solution.

Insight360 by Analytix Solutions

Financial and operational solutions and services, custom-tailored to the unique business demands and management concerns of specialized industries.

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin brand franchise owners aspire to uphold the quality of products and customer experience that Dunkin delivers. We have developed a solution specific to helping Dunkin franchise owners streamline their financial and operational practices and reporting. The result is consolidated business intelligence on which they can rely to proactively maneuver their franchise to increased profitability and success.

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Experience access to financial reporting, operational reporting, and business intelligence for your hotel like never before. Our hotel solution was developed specifically with the needs of hotel owners and managers in mind, combining customizable services, advanced technology and unique applications and tools that are relevant to hotels on a single platform.

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Finally, a solution developed for the unique needs of restaurant managers and owners that provides the right combination of services, applications and tools to streamline your restaurant’s financials and operations. Confidently access important data and metrics to gauge your restaurant’s performance with sufficient time to assess the information and make a positive impact on your restaurant’s ability to succeed.

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Solutions for Veterinary offices that integrate the essential data, performance indicators, services and technology to make your practice run more efficiently and profitably. Our integrated platform delivers the business intelligence your practice needs to make more informed decisions quickly and confidently.

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Dental practices have a unique set of financial and operational criteria that must be monitored. Our dental solution addresses this unique set of criteria, consolidating and delivering critical functions, services, tools and technology in a single platform that can be customized to the dental practice’s needs. Streamline operations and financial reporting via our solution by leveraging business intelligence to proactively manage your office and patients.

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At Analytix Solutions, our industry expertise runs deep.  Years of addressing everyday industry challenges combined with practical accounting aptitude laid the foundation for our team to develop Insight360.

Our Insight360 Solutions have emerged as comprehensive tools for helping specialized industries better manage their finances and operations.  The convergence of robust accounting services with specialized operational applications for better reporting and business insights, readily accessible 24/7 via a cloud based portal, distinguishes our solutions from similar offerings.