Insight360 Portal

for Veterinarians

Providing your patients with high quality care while simultaneously running the business side of your practice can be very challenging, especially if the information that you need to make decisions is not accurate or readily available. The Insight360 Portal for Veterinarians, designed with input from top industry experts, facilitates balancing these two challenges by conveying the most relevant and important indicators to you.

Data Collected Automatically From Various Systems

All the familiar metrics from your Practice Management System - presented visually and simply

Payroll and accounting data for a complete view of your practice

Accuracy and integrity of data, validated by our team of Business Analysts

Numbers That Matter

Production trends and dynamics by category

Patients, visits and client trends

Labor hours and costs by category and employee

Financial statements available right on the portal

Go Beyond Basic Metrics

Production per veterinarian per hour

Average invoice by veterinarian

True practice profitability

Missed appointment trends

Built For Your Convenience

Available any time, on any device- desktop, laptop or mobile

Intuitive, easy to use interface with no training necessary

Suitable for a single practice or multiple locations