Insight360 Portal

for Dentists

Reviewing countless reports from your practice management, payroll and accounting systems to acquire the insights you are looking for is not an easy task for a busy dentist. The Insight360 Portal for Dentists was developed using input from top industry experts and delivers relevant, actionable, consolidated metrics from disparate systems in a single place.

Consolidated Key Numbers from Various Systems

Metrics from your Practice Management System - presented in a simple and visual format

Payroll and accounting data for a 360-degree view of your practice

All data validated by our team of Business Analysts for accuracy and integrity

Most Relevant Metrics to Drive Your Practice Success

Production and collection analysis

Patient dynamics

Provider-level production and labor analysis

Financial statements available right on the portal

All the Insights You Need

True recall effectiveness

True active patients

Labor cost as % of production by category and provider

Built For Your Convenience

Available 24/7 on any device - mobile, laptop or desktop

Minimal to no training necessary

Customizable to your practice