Apps and Tools for Restaurants

Maximize your team's potential by enabling them to complete daily tasks more efficiently. Integrate third party and custom apps tailored specifically for restaurants into your processes and operations to more effectively manage some critical functions.


Easy and seamless payroll processing and daily labor reporting.

Manage all your employees, jobs, rates, salaries and tips in one place, while continuing using your POS timeclock

Time entry approval process for you and your managers

We take care of pushing the approved data to your payroll system

Manager's Log

Easy communication tool for restaurant managers.

Record feedback and comments from managers to communicate and document any issues that arose on their shift. Business owner determines what shift aspects should be recorded.

Entries recorded with sales, guests and weather

Receive an automated email for each submission and provide your own comments on the entries

Bill Pay

Streamlined bill approval and payment processes.

Just scan your invoices - we will record them and get them ready for payment

Establish your own approval and payment workflows for your managers

All invoices are stored online

Pay the bills online, or we can pay them for you

Customer Reviews

We feel so confident in the service and quality that Analytix has provided to us that we actually crafted our new product in partnership with Analytix.