Insight360 Apps and Tools for Dunkin' Donuts

Streamline many of your franchise's time consuming tasks by integrating our custom applications and tools into your operations. Experience increased efficiency and productivity for you and your management team.

Weekly 1-on-1

A simple way to conduct weekly one-on-one meetings with store managers


Easy and seamless payroll processing and daily labor reporting.

Accounting Entries

Automate accounting entires for sales and vendor invoices.

Daily Forecast

Help store managers stay within budgets with convenient near-term sales forecasting.

CML Order Forecast

Forecast daily order quantities of baked items based on historical sales.

Labor Forecast

Forecast required number of employees by hour of the day based on historical sales.


Conduct standard or your own custom inspections.


Automatically calculate monthly bonuses based on predefined criteria for each store or district.

Complaint Resolution

Streamline corporate complaint resolution across manager levels.

Customer Reviews

Procedures that were once a time-sink have been transformed into vital metrics for our business. This is a huge value to our management team as we now have the ability to spend our time in the right stores, addressing the right issues.

Our field and office staff are saved an entire day of work on data collection and reporting tasks each week. Plus, now we can view custom store reports in just seconds and immediately create actionable feedback plans to review with Store Managers.